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 Accepting Applications



The Children's School is a Montessori school for 3-6 year olds. We are currently accepting applicants for the upcoming fall and beyond. We strive for a balance between ages and genders- one of the dynamics of the Montessori method that makes it harmoniously effective. For this reason, along with the small class size and sibling preference, there may only be slots available to meet this balance for a given year. 

Please email us with any questions and to add your child to the wait list. The admissions process begins each February prior to the intended school year. If a spot is available for your family, you and your child will be given the opportunity to tour the school, explore the classroom materials, meet Miss Stacie, and speak with current parents. Due to the co-operative nature of The Children’s School, both parties need to feel it would be a good fit for your child before moving forward with formal enrollment.


If you are thinking ahead to your child’s formative preschool years, it is never too early to be added to the wait list.

3 Year Program

Our Montessori program is designed over a three year period, from age 3 to 6. The gentle unfolding of the curriculum over these three years is key to the Montessori method. During this time, conscious learning is taking place in a variety of areas, for each child according to their own their own timing and direction.

The intentional order of the prepared environment, individualized attention from Miss Stacie, and the consistent peer group contribute to each student's success as well as an ideal classroom dynamic. To maintain the integrity of our program for all students, and in the best interest of the kids' development, we require a 3 year commitment upon acceptance of an open spot. 

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