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About Us

A Learning Community


Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori educational model emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. 

Through a carefully prepared environment, children are free to learn at their own pace; each one lead by their unique curiosity and supported by our wonderful directress. From practical and sensorial life skills to mathematics and literacy, the areas of exploration are vast. 

The 12 student class size allows for each child to be known on an individual level with one-on-one attention and to develop meaningful friendships with multi-age peers. 

Cooperative Effort

 As a parent cooperative, family involvement is an integral part of the Children’s School. Miss Stacie, our Directress, is the only paid employee, leaving all of the administrative and social responsibilities to parent volunteer efforts. We are grateful to the many families who have given their time to creating the diverse, tradition-rich community it is today.

The board is made up of one or both parents from each family. We meet seven times throughout the year, to coordinate events, address administrative issues, and provide financial oversight. The range of committees to serve on, from party planning to treasury, allows members to contribute in whatever way they are most suited. Board meetings are typically held on Friday mornings, and parent participation is required.


In addition to filling various roles on the administrative board, each family plans a Family Fun Day. These are field trips where some of our favorite memories are born and when whole families really get to know one another. Both parents, or grandparents, and siblings are invited along. From apple picking, to the PAC, to yoga class, these adventures vary year to year and reflect the personalities of the families involved.

Parent committees also plan holiday parties. We celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s day with school-day gatherings the whole family are welcome to attend. 

Art days provide another unique opportunity to connect the children and parent communities. Each family plans and prepares an art experience to share with the class. On their assigned day, the parent sets up and directs the activity with a few kids at a time. The parents look forward to these days as much as the children do. It allows for a chance to observe the children at work. Parents often remark on how extraordinarily peaceful The Children's School environment is.

The relationships and trust that develop throughout the year as a result of these inclusive experiences are what make The Children’s School so unique. 


What Parents Say

There are so many great things about The Children’s School – from the initiative and autonomy that the Montessori format fostered in our kids to the special camaraderie among the families – it’s hard to know where to begin in recommending it to prospective families. Probably for us its most unique and important virtue is that learning there is treated as a rewarding challenge in its own right rather than something that needs to be made fun through rewards or outside reinforcement.  I can’t imagine a better start to our kids’ formal education than the one they got at The Children’s School.

Bill Hixon

Lawrence University Professor

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